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Potato pie, Delaco telemea and sauerkraut

Potato pie, Delaco telemea and sauerkraut

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I put flour in a bowl, made a nest in it and put salt and yeast and chewed a little with warm water;

I let the mayo grow a little then I kneaded well and left it to grow.

I cleaned the potatoes and boiled them. I cut the cabbage thin, I salted it and I peppered it, then I hardened it.

After boiling the potatoes, I strained them and passed them like puree.

I shaved the telemeau and mixed it with the potatoes. After the dough grew I divided it into 22 equal parts and each piece was stretched in a circle;

we put potatoes, alternately sauerkraut, roll and make a roll in the shape of a snail.

Heat the oil in a pan, then take each piece and shape it again in a circle and fry; repeat the operation until the dough is finished.

Between them I put absorbent kitchen paper for the excess oil.

The pies are ready, great appetite, guaranteed a good!


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